A New Kind of FOMO

This extraverted middle child has suffered from a significant case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for most of my life. As a teen and young adult my FOMO primarily obsessed over social events and finding the right husband. In my thirties, missing a great business opportunity occupied much of my FOMO real estate. At … Continue reading A New Kind of FOMO

“Who, Me?”

Depictions of the Annunciation are perhaps my favorite of all Renaissance paintings. My husband and I joke that Mary looks like she is asking, “Who, me?” in just about every one of them. I would imagine this teenage girl from a poor family in a small town did not expect too much out of life.  … Continue reading “Who, Me?”

Do You have a Good Idea or a God-Idea?

You have a sudden inspiration and wonder whether it is Divine. Now you have a decision to make: what do you do about it and when? According to Myers Briggs Type theory, the timing of our decisions depends at least partly on our personalities.  Those who have a “judging” or “J” preference tend to be … Continue reading Do You have a Good Idea or a God-Idea?